Boutique Investment Bank Expansion: Technology, Media, & Communications


A global middle-market M&A advisory firm specializing in the technology, media, and communications (TMT/TMC) sector.


The firm sought a senior banker (Managing Director level) with a pre-existing book of business, especially within internet, digital media, and application software.

Despite market conditions on a downswing at the time, our client had a strong pipeline of deals with several already closed YTD, and they viewed this hire as crucial to staying ahead of the curve.

SLA’s Approach:

As middle-market experts, SLA targeted bankers at larger firms who wanted to leave behind a potentially bureaucratic seat in favor of a more entrepreneurial platform.

The best-fitting candidates were especially interested in the idea of becoming domain specialists in TMC subsectors where they already had relationships.


After selective interviews with two strong Managing Director candidates, one received and accepted an offer, hitting the ground running with a strong pipeline after a brief gardening leave from their previous firm.

Amid the projected increase in deal flow, SLA’s ongoing pipeline recruitment process for this firm’s junior hiring proved helpful, with the successful addition of two Analyst-level candidates in tandem with the MD.

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